Ritual Echo Records is the parent label of dz2 Records and releases music by artists that, for want of a better description, fall into the categories of ‘prog’, ‘psych’ and ‘folk’.

However, if you think you know what you’re getting, you should hop over to the ReR web site and see what is available.  You might be surprised!

Folk is represented by the ambient, gentle psych-folk of Message to Bears, through singer-guitarist Beau, and Head South by Weaving & Alison O’Donnell whose brand of psych-folk enchants and disturbs in equal measure.

Releases by Galahad, “Battle Scars” and “Beyond the Realms of Euphoria” showcase a band who really understand the meaning of ‘progressive’; BtRoE in particular bringing elements from the many varied genres that band members have been exposed to over the years.  “It’s prog Jim, … but not as we know it.

Paradigms & Storylines” showcases the songwriting and guitar wizardry of Dec Burke who brings ‘indie-pop sensibilities’ to the progressive fold; a heady mix that prompted PROG magazine editor Jerry Ewing to enthuse ‘ as good a prog work as you’ll hear all year.  Dec also contributes guitar to Carptree‘s “Nymf“, a magnificent album brimming with symphonic anthems that perfectly counterpoint the quieter, reflective passages.

Beneath the Waves” by Kompendium is a more traditional celtic-tinged progressive rock album and is delivered on a grand scale.  The album features guest artists from bands such as Genesis, Porcupine Tress, and King Crimson and is the work of Welsh keyboard player and Magenta founder Rob Reed.

Go on … for 10 minutes forget all your preconceptions about genre and have a listen!  If you don’t like what you hear, you’ve lost nothing.

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